Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heroes of our Time...

Today has been utterly exhausting! After waking up at 9am this morning (the crack of dawn, I know ;o) Husband and I dinked around in World of Warcraft for a few hours. Then we set out on an epic journey involving a quest in the Costco dungeon (ok, seriously - Costco is a disaster at most times of the week - don't people realize they should be fearfully hording their money in light of this economic crisis we are facing! I would hate for someone to accidentally stimulate the economy!). We filled our cart with gargantuan portions of toilet paper, dog food, dog bones and Jack Daniels. And really, that is what makes Costco worthwhile - being able to purchase a liter of Jack for $30.00.

After Costco, Husband and I had a late lunch at Chili's. Do you have a Chili's near you? If so, I highly recommend you get in there and try the Chicken Crisper Club Taco's - super tasty! Husband and I stuffed ourselves silly and began our journey back to Maricopa and into Fry's Marketplace. This place was even more packed than Costco! I frickin' HATE shopping at this stupid Fry's. The prices aren't that great, and you can expect to wait in line for a stupid amount of time no matter what time you are there day or night. When Walmart opens in March I will be doing all my grocery shopping there. I've said it before, but if I'm going to wait in lines and fight through crowds, I might as well be getting a good deal! And unlike many people, I <3 those Capitalist Pigs at Walmart!

When we finally got home from our adventure, we were both so exhausted that we crashed on the bed and passed out for an hour, after which we were rudely awakened by one of Josh's guildmates asking if he was going to make it to the raid! WTF!

Oh oh oh - before I forget! GO SEE AN AMERICAN CAROL!! Greatest movie of all time! Plus, the liberals are trying to keep the movie from having a good opening weekend. Lastnight the husband and I along with 5 of our friends had a "dinner and a movie date" to go check this flick out. After hanging out at the restaurant for a few hours we walked across the street to the theater. We walked up to buy our tickets only to discover that the movie time of 8:25 was not listed! What the crap!??! We figured it was sold out, but I asked anyway. The guy tells me the movie is not sold out, and in fact there are 258 seats left to sell for that time. I mention to him that it isn't listed on the display above his head, which he seemed confused about. Ohwell - we buy our tickets and then run off to shop since the movie doesn't start for another hour. At 8 we walk back into the theater and towards screen 19 which is where our movie is playing. The marquee outside the theater door says that "How to Lose Friends" is playing at 8:10. WTF? We go in anyway and sit down. At 8:10 the movie starts. Now this is ridiculous. We go complain that the movie is starting 15 minutes early and finally all is settled. Meanwhile there is a crowd of people outside of the theater not wanting to go in because they don't want to walk into the wrong movie. *sigh*

It seems that AMC was doing everything in their power to make sure no one watched the 8:25 showing of An American Carol. Oh - and the trailers that were played before the movie started? You guessed it - every American Hating piece of crap movie coming out. Oliver Stone's "W", along with Bill Maher's "Religolous." Since when do they play trailers on other movies for a movie that is coming out THAT SAME DAY! I wonder if this was happening at AMC's across the country?

Alright - before this post gets ridiculously long, I want to say that the new Dragonforce album is pretty good! The first track is called "Heroes of Our Time" and it rocks my socks. I wonder if there are any other bands that fall into this genre known as "Glory Metal."

Check em' out!