Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Checking in...

I realize that casual observers of this blog might assume (given my nearly 3 month absence) that something terrible must have happened to me, or the baby, or someone. Thankfully that isn't the case - I just took an unplanned break. All is well with the pregnancy, and with me, and the rest of us.

I turned 31, spring happened - and now we are heading swiftly into summer. Eleanor is 42 days away! We are planning on spending the next few weeks getting the house read (aka, clean) for baby, staying cool (I broke down several weeks ago and purchased a maternity swim suit, and sincerely hope I get plenty of opportunity to use it before my c-section) and enjoying our last moments together as a family of 4 before we grow by one more. In addition to adding a new family member, sweet Mikey will be starting kindergarten in August, so I'm trying to enjoy the last few months as a mother of children that do not HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time (or face a penalty if we are running late). I know things won't be quite as simple as they have been, but I'm excited for the experiences ahead!