Thursday, January 31, 2008

How was I to know?

Well, I finally got to the bottom of the mystery involving my domain forwarding issue. Apparently I had to change the IP address my DNS pointed to. Man, I'm such a retard(insert sarcasm here). I can't believe I didn't think of that. So, after spending some time with the help desk at, I am now well on my way to having everyone forwarded to this blog unwillingly!! /evil laughter.

Good - I like Blogger better than Wordpress. I know, lame, but I really do. Blogger just gets it. I don't have to resort to trickery to embed video's, pictures, mp3 files - it all just works. So, hooray Blogger.

In other news, the media is pissing me the fuck off. Seriously, if anybody actually believes the bullshit they publish, I'm going to have to question their sanity. In this piece (of shit) Time online asks "Is Romney Fighting the Last War" essentially implying that the conservative movement is over and that is why McCain is winning. No. McCain is winning because I have friends that are falsely worried Romney is going to take their guns and force them into butt sex with a gay man. I am torn - and leaning towards not voting if McCain is my only choice. I really believe that under McCain, this country is going to take some serious damage in the form of expanded federal government, increased taxes and illegal immigrants taking over the fucking place. Fuck That. Romney should change his campaign theme song RIGHT NOW!

Raise what's left of the flag for me!

You know, I guess I can think of a few other songs. How about the theme song for the United States if Obama, Clinton or McCain win the election:

I sit in and dwell on faces past
Like memories seem to fade
No colour left but black and white
And soon will all turn grey
But may these shadows rise to walk again
With lessons truly learnt
When the blossom flowers in each our hearts
Shall beat a new found flame

As it turns out, Flogging Molly seems to have a theme song for every candidate. Here is one specifically for Hillary Clinton:

Funny story - Bill Clinton has a theme song, too:

So, I'm begging - pleading - please, Huckabee, please drop out. Please give your votes to Romney. And please, you crazy ass McCain lovers, a Republican in name only is not going to help this country, only tarnish the name of true Republicans.

For more information reading, here are some more links on Arizona's own Republocrat, John McCain:

McCain almost abandons GOP in 2001
McCain Changes Story on Tax Cuts

Ann Coulter is even going to vote for Hillary instead of McCain

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I don't want anybody else...

You know, the musical adventures I go on during any given night tend to amaze me. For example, tonight, I started with a classic, romantic, beautiful song:

Yeah, baby. Hello too much beer at Teakwoods and a bottle of wine at home. Seriously, this song does is for me. If it does not do it for you, there must be something wrong. For some reason, all this craziness transpired to speed/death metal. Oh, and some angsty metal. I know, I know - Divinyl's do not necessarily = metal, but that seemed to be the way my evening was working tonight. I was feeling handsy (think JD from Scrubs) so I was listening to handsy music.

So, after some magical 80's sexay music, we graduated to some sexay 90's musica.

And then I remembered all the other Deftones song I LOVE LOVE LOVE. These songs make me want to be anorexically thin for some reason. Is anorexically a word? According to Blogger, it is not. Anyway... hooray Seeexay Deftones music. Listen to them all. I dare you.

Deftones - Back To School:

Deftones - Change:

And from that point on it was a natural progression towards all the great rock artists of my high school youth years.

Sevendust: Waffle

Incubus: New Skin

And at that point it pretty much got crazy:

And I think that should cover it for random flashback night. Enjoy :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wine and Sweethearts...

Well, my week away from the world has finally ended. I know it seems ridiculous, but I just wasn't up to seeing anyone. I've had an amazing week doing nothing but hanging out at the house in my pajama's. Oh, I've got the brand new computer up and running, too, and it is running fabulously I might add. I've got 320 GB of hard drive just begging to be filled up with music, pictures and movies.

Anyway, this last week has been a week of doing things that I don't normally get to do. For example, on Wednesday, I curled up with a bottle of Wanderlust Cream Ale and some cheetoh's and read "French Women Don't Get Fat." Do you know what their secret is? They don't eat cheetoh's and drink Wanderlust Cream Ale. Upon realizing this, I immediately switched back to red wine and sweethearts. You know - sweethearts - those conversational hearts that are tart and crunchy instead of chalky, and they only come out around Valentines day? Yeah, those. Can I say that red wine and sweethearts do not really compliment one another.

Other things I did this week? Well, I fed myself absolutely horrible food. Like Kraft Easy Mac. Yum! Actually, things I normally forbid myself from eating were open season this week. Why? Because I deserved it. Because I lost two babies. My two babies. I don't know - for some reason I felt like I could pretty much do anything I wanted and no one had better look at me twice for it. Other terrible things I did this week included completely ignoring my email, avoid friends and family and hiding under a rock for 7 days.

I guess I had better knock it off. Even though the miscarriage is still in progress, I don't really feel that I can continue on with the moping and hiding. I'm trying to be positive. I'm trying to focus on the next pregnancy. I'm trying to remember that life carries on and everything happens for a reason. I'm trying to remember that I have to work tomorrow, and I really should put the wine away. And the sweethearts.

I've determined that I had better get back to my crazy diet. That crazy diet that demands I eat nothing but fat free chicken and low carb veggies. I need to lose this pregnancy weight. You know, so I can get pregnant again, lol. So - goodbye wine, and goodbye sweethearts, and hello chicken in a can and chopped up bell peppers. And hello size 6 and 8 pants.

And, after a week of mourning my loss, bye bye, sweet babies.

And, after a week of depressing music - how about a few songs that are a little more upbeat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Musical Therapy

On another post of mine, I asked people for suggestions on music they listen to when they are sad. A few mentioned Country Music as something that helps them when they are sad. One kind friend even went as far as to send me two country songs. I did attempt to do some musical healing with the Country genre, but it just wasn't working for me. I believe this has to do with my very limited love of Country music. There are a few songs that get me kind of mopey (Such as "A Lot of Things Different" by Kenny Chesney and "Please Remember Me" by Tim McGraw and "I've Had My Moments" by some other band that I don't know the name of) but by and large, most Country songs are just specific enough that I can't really relate the sadness they are conveying to my current situation. Now - don't get me wrong - there truly are sad songs out there in the Country world, but they just weren't working for me in my current slump.

So, I went on a search for more music that matches my droopy depressed mood, and I found more songs that are suitable for my needs!

  1. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
  2. Seven - Sinch
  3. A Certain Sadness - Astrud Gilberto
  4. Julia - The Beatles
  5. I Miss You - Blink 182
  6. Swallowed - Bush
  7. Coming Around Again - Carly Simon
  8. Drive - The Cars
So there - some more therapeutic sad music for you!

Hasta La Vista, Fred... and Porn

Awww, man. My guy! My Dude! My Fred! Major bummer. I still have high hopes that whoever is the actual republican nominee (please don't be McCain, please don't be McCain, please don't be McCain) asks Fred to be his Vice. Of course, I'm not sure that Fred would go for that. He is very presidential, in my mind. But Vice Presidential? Apparently my thoughts aren't so far off - Thompson senior adviser Rich Galen told FOX News Radio Monday, “It may well be that Thompson is a vice presidential candidate, carrying the message to fill whatever hole there may be in the conservative credentials of whoever the nominee is.”

So - where will I go from here? Never fear, dear internet - I have a new home. And it isn't who I thought it would be a few weeks ago. No more Mike Hucakabee for me - Go Mitt Romney! Yep, I'm on the Mitt Romney team now. The dude is a super genius, and I really think that he will do some amazing things to stimulate the economy, like LOWERING taxes, giving small business tax breaks and reducing government.

Mitt Romney Discusses The Economy

In other news, China is fucking the internet porn business. Poor pron. What did pron ever do to you, China? The good news? China is only trying to enhance their image as a nation until the Olympics is over. Then it is back to the same old internet pron shenanigans. Good for you, China. Maybe in the mean time, the good ol' USA can jump on this opening niche in the pron industry and reap massive economic benefits!

New Home (on the web)

Hey readers - you may have noticed that you were redirected from to here. This is still my website. Try not to be too irritated with me. I am entirely fed up with my pursuit at integrating Picasa photo's from my Picasa Web Album to my Wordpress blog. I've tried numerous plug-ins, and they have all been so temperamental, and frankly I'm fed up with plug-ins, mods, hacks... eff. I just want to write a blog, not learn how to build one from the ground up.

Anyway, a lot of the blogs I read are using Blogger, and I thought I would just take a look around and found that, to my delight, that not only is Blogger fully integrated with gmail, but they have moved on to other Google products, like *gasp* Picasa! Woo hoo! Victory is mine!

Did I mention that victory is mine, for free? Yeah, that would be the other perk to using Blogger. It is free. As is gmail, and picasa and umm, everything else I am using now. Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me!

So, anyway, that is why I am here now. The old URL will forward you here for awhile... for a long while (I think I paid for 2 years of it, lol). But, if you are feeling adventurous you can update your favorite now. Not to presume that I am one of your favorites, but, just in case...

For fun:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Holy Shit Economy...

Josh and I like to feel bad about ourselves for being unprepared for our future. No 401K, no savings in the savings account, no investments period. Of course, on days like this, I like to pat myself on the back for being a financial slacker.

Stock Market Sucks the Big One

And it is a good thing that Bill Clinton will be so involved with Hillary's presidency. Here he is, shown taking a nap at an MLK service. Of course, this isn't the first public nap he has taken. Apparently he's been busted snoozing at a Mets game, and was also caught asleep at Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Another few interesting articles at the Drudge Report discuss the fact that American's are more ready for a black president than a female president. Actually, I like to think we are more prepared for a black female president (ie, Condoleeza Rice) than either Barack or Hillary. Besides, apparently Obama isn't black anyway - according to the Clinton News Network (CNN) Barack Obama is Mustard.

Can I say that I'm a little worried about what is happening in the Republican camp? Obviously, my support is for Fred Thompson, however, but since he sucked it up in SC, I really think he doesn't have much of a chance in this election. My second favorite after Fred (after careful debating) is Romney. Josh thinks that he is too smart for a lot of Americans, and that he might seem too "slick" due to the fact that he always seems to have an answer. Of course, that probably has to do with his level of intelligence. I don't know - I kind of like his "slickness." Anyway, unless something crazy happens, I'm pretty sure that I will be voting for Mitt Romney on February 5th.

Movin' on up!

So, new and exciting stuff coming my way! Josh and I are finally in the progress of upgrading our computers, and I'm first on the list (only because the other 3-4 computers in the house don't really work, so now I'm on this computer that does not have a legit copy of Windows on it and only 512MB of RAM... no bueno). Plus, getting me set up on a new computer is going to be relatively painless on our wallet. The only thing I really needed to order was a new Mobo & CPU. I found a really nice combo @ Tiger Direct for under $200.00 ( that will get the job done for me for the new few years). I purchased a nice case a little while back when my Dell case wouldn't shut because the power supply was not compatible with Dell's P.O.S. case. Josh and I recently picked up a 300GB SATA Hard Drive at Fry's Electronics because we were trying to diagnose what exactly is wrong with his computer. It turned out not to be the HD (or at least, not the HD alone), but it was such a great deal for the HD that we decided to keep it. We already have a functioning 500w power supply, cd/dvd rw, too. So, basically the last things I needed were a legitimate copy of an operating system and some RAM.

This is where my Dad came to the rescue. He just HAPPENS to have an extra copy of Windows Vista laying around, and he also has an extra 2GB of Dual Channel ram, and he is GIVING me both. Hooray!

So, unless I'm leaving anything obvious out, I should have a fully functioning system in place by Thursday or Friday of this week. Awesomeness!

Of course, after my rig is set up, I'm going to need to install all sorts of software/games, so I'm hoping the MOBO/CPU arrive by Thursday so I install all my goodies (photo editing software, AlZip, SmartFTP, picasa, skype, mediamonkey, World of Warcraft and Sim City Societies) on Friday.

All in all, this crazy brand spankin' new computer is going to cost us about $200.00. Not a bad :)

Using Blogger Now

Hi Everyone!

Although I enjoy Wordpress and I feel that I have a pretty firm grasp of how to use it, I realize it is probably silly for me to continue paying money for domain names/hosting space when this is all free now for the most part. I may try to keep my domain name and bring it over to blogger somehow (I think this is possible). In the mean time, I'm going to try and figure out how to import all my Wordpress blog posts to my blogger blog.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me

Born in Florida, raised in Arizona, I am currently playing house in Maricopa, AZ. By day I manage relationships with RV Dealerships for GE Commercial Finance. By night I blog, read, write, listen to the greatest music ever and generally avoid doing things that I should be doing (like the laundry). Much like an adolescent, I live for the weekends, and you can often find me and the husband floating down the salt river, at a D-backs/Sun Devils game, or sleeping in to watch the Food Network.