Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This and That...

It is strange how slowly a pregnancy goes in the first trimester, waiting for that magical 12 week mark when it is mostly safe to come out of hiding. I mean, I never wait until the 12 week mark, but that is it, supposedly. 

Anyway, we dragged slowly past the 12 week mark, and then flew right on by the 20 week mark like it was nothing. We've been slowly gathering things for our girl (Eleanor, in case I hadn't mentioned it elsewhere) and putting the nursery together (with the help of G-Ma & Pa Pa).

That is the pile of clothing I snagged from Craigslist. I'm feeling very fortunate that everything was in great condition, and Ellie doesn't need a thing until she is in the 6-9 month size (which will probably happen in the fall, but I'm not completely sure since I'm not convinced my girl will be quite as ginormous as her brothers were at that stage).

And the nursery. Isn't it wonderful? And "airy"? The natural daylight in here is great - I foresee taking many beautiful pictures of our sweet little sister in here.

As far as me? I'm 22 weeks along and have developed a nice round belly. I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothing, and then proceeded to cook bacon or some other greasy food while wearing each of the 4 maternity shirts I had purchased, ruining them all, and then had to run out and buy new shirts. I didn't throw out the shirts, as I've been told there is a product called "Grease Lightning" that will remove the stains (even if it is an automotive product). I'll try anything once! 

But other than feeling large, and feeling the ache from the weight shifting to my front (a little lower back pain, a little hip pain) I'm doing pretty great! Sure, I still will randomly vomit on occasion (freaking post nasal drip hitting my gag reflex), but other than that, woo! They call this the honeymoon trimester for a reason I suppose. I've had plenty of energy - and have recently tackled a new cleaning schedule to keep our house in better shape (schedule can be found here). I'm hoping the gestational diabetes & pre-eclampsia that plagued me at the end of my last pregnancy were just a fluke, and that I can keep up the momentum until our 3rd (and likely final) c-section on June 25th. 

Here is a shot of Eleanor at our anatomy ultrasound - everything checked out great!  She now weighs 1 pound, and is the size of a spaghetti squash (11 inches long!). I've been feeling her kicks regularly now, and can finally feel them on the outside if I place a hand on my belly. Cool stuff! 

And besides everything else, I've been doing some purging! Since J and I are fairly certain (like 95% sure) this will be our last baby, I'm not concerned with keeping the boys clothing as they outgrow it. J has a buddy at work that had a little boy back in October, so I was more than happy to "pay it forward" and give her everything we had. I would say 90% of what we had was given to us my BFF Valerie, and another friend of J's, so it was nice to keep the cycle of giving going! Plus, I'm an anti-hoarder, I think. Nothing felts as good as donating all the furniture and "crap" that we did when we moved from AZ to SC. Then again when we moved from our rental to our forever home. More recently I purged nearly ALL of my clothing (most of it was over a decade old, and even if I do get back down to a size 6, I won't be prancing around in leather mini skirts and backless tops). I love getting rid of things!

Finally, to cap off this post, we have reached a very exciting mile stone for Mikey. No more training wheels! He still needs help getting started, and we have a little ways to go, but now that the weather is getting nice, I'm guessing he will be riding all over the place in no time. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jon Jon turns 3!

So, I'm a little behind (well, only a week behind) but our sweet Jonny man turned 3 whole years old! I remember Mikey being more excited about his 3rd birthday, but I think J sort of thinks of it as a holiday for everyone --- a "happy" day involving cake, and presents. It was hard to get him to say what he wanted for his birthday, so we ended up just getting more of what we got for Mikey (and of course, Grandma and Papa got him his big kid bike).

And with oddly perfect timing, Jonny has mostly got this potty training thing down now, within a week of turning 3. No more pullups during the day, only one at night just in case (though he wakes up dry most mornings). It is weird - having two potty trained kids has its own set of hassles (like, seriously, kids, you need to wash your dang hands!!! aghhh!) but other than that, I'm super relieved that Eleanor will be the only one in diapers come June.

Also, please don't mind Jonny's awesome hair in these pics. He had recently attempted to style it himself using vaseline (almost the same as hair gel, lol).