Saturday, March 9, 2013

3.09.13: In the Yard

My arms ache, in a good way. Josh, Papa and I (with the help of Mikey and Johnny) were busy in the yard today. It was the first good stretch of not so cold, and not so wet weather that happened to coincide with the weekend, and we decided to take advantage. After struggling with a rake and a leaf blower while trying to keep an eye on both boys, Papa came down the hill with his leaf blower to speed things along. G-Ma came along to corral the babies. We took a lunch break together with Miss Ann (who was doing yard work of her own) and feasted on Little Caesars and home brewed ice tea.

{ps, these pictures are from late January, but I wanted to show you the leaf madness we had on our hands, not to mention that enormous pile of leaf covered hardwood mulch in the background.}

After lunch, Papa started mulching leaves like a mad man, while Josh and I (and Mikey) began the grueling work of spreading our mulch mountain around the yard. It was hard work, and by 3 this afternoon, we were sore and ready to throw in the towel. Josh hung in awhile longer to finish the last bit of mulch spreading, because he is my hero. I am so very pleased to no longer have a pile of hard wood mulch in the middle of my front yard.

In the process of blowing and mulching leaves, we discovered a lot of buried treasures, including lenten roses, and possibly some irises or lilies  It will be exciting to watch what pops out in our yard now that it is clean and ready!

{These are Lenten Roses. They look sort of sad and droopy, but I love their jagged edged leaves and pretty pale pink color.}

We finished our day with a shared dinner of Pork Spareribs, Coleslaw and Broccoli Salad. Our faces and necks are burned, our hands are raw, and we are ready to fall asleep even though it is only 9:30 pm, but since the clocks spring forward at 2 am, it won't hurt us to catch a little more sleep than we are used to.

Even though it hurts, it feels great to love on our house by tending to its yard. Can't wait to start our garden!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow! (For real, this time!)

It actually did it - it snowed! Like, several inches, that actually stuck to the ground! We were all so excited. Mikey had a blast playing in the white stuff, and even went next door to Tanya & Keith's for some sledding!