Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On Kindness...

The subject of weight loss has been a hot topic in my office recently. I think all of us (or most of us) want to lose some weight. But, what I'm quickly realizing is that most of the people in my office are just into TALKING about weight loss. When I suggested a team contest over the next 90 days to see who could lose the most weight, I was laughed at. "Silly Kerith... don't you know what is coming our way in the next 90 days? Halloween Candy? Turkey, Stuffing and Potatoes? Christmas Cookies and Holiday Ham? Of course I can't lose weight in the next 90 days... in fact, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to be gaining weight."

Yeah, pretty much everyone said just about that. They told me to come sign them up for a competition on January 1st, the time when it is NORMAL to be miserable and lose weight.

I tried to convince them - I tried to tell them that we didn't have to be miserable. I tried to tell them that we didn't have to suffer. Alas, no one wanted to hear anything more about it. So, it appears that I'm embarking on this 90 day *discovery* all alone. I have named it a discovery because it won't be a diet, per se. I'm more interested in exploring new, healthier ways of living. I want to know exactly why blueberries are so magical - and I want to overcome my fear of all things carbohydrate (or at least not feel guilty for eating Quinoa). I want to learn more about how my body reacts to certain foods. I want to start treating my body with a little respect after years of abuse with fad diets, under eating, over eating, junk inhaling and other terrible acts of war I waged against myself. Perhaps instead of hitting the treadmill and lifting weights, I'll hit the yoga mat, learn to belly dance and swim for my cardio. There is also the matter of giving my work space a more calming atmosphere, especially that I spend over 40 hours a week there - I believe bringing peace to my cubicle will go a long way to making me a more relaxed person in general.

Finally, I will attempt to delve into the spirituality aspect of all of this a bit more. My spirituality is something that I have long struggled with, but I don't think it is doing myself any good to just push it aside and ignore it.

I think one of the most important lessons you can teach your children is kindness. I like to think that I'm generally a kind person. Somewhere along the way I missed the lesson on being kind to myself. I'll try hard to impart this message to my children as they grow up.

I'm excited to share all that I learn in the next several months with all of you.

I leave you now with a song that is kind on the ears (as opposed to my normal metal tendancies):

~*~ Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard ~*~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 Months Old...

Mikey, my favoritest baby... today you turned 9 months old! I can barely stand the thought of how quickly time has passed, and how much you have grown even in the last month. You are standing on your own, and even taking a step or 2 as long as the video camera isn't anywhere in sight. You crawl fast as lightening - and Daddy and I have so much fun getting down on all fours to chase after you. As we chant "I'm gonna GET YOU!" over and over, you squeal in delight and sometimes forget to crawl away from us, and instead end up charging straight in our direction. Most recently, you have discovered the joy of clapping. You clap excitedly in the early morning while I change your diaper - and you clap when anyone tells you how adorable you are. You are more than happy to crawl around on your own, getting up to no good - trying to figure out how to open cabinet doors and pulling pans out of the drawer under the oven.

You've officially sworn off pureed foods --- none of that squishy stuff you, thank you very much. Oh, and could you please just let me feed myself - I'm perfectly capable. What exactly are you eating? Yes, I'd like some of that, too.

Today, when I asked you to say Mama (over and over again) you'd laugh and say "Dada... Da Da..." VERY FUNNY MISTER! Then, I sang "Return to Pooh Corner" to you, and you fell asleep in my arms. What a perfect end to another perfect evening with you.

I love you so much, Mikey.