Hi! I'm Kerith, wife to Josh, mother to Mikey and Johnny. We live in the small town of Taylors in Upstate, SC, where we just recently relocated after spending a large portion of our lives in Arizona. You can read about that move here, here, here, here, and here.

My motives for starting this blog primarily have to do with keeping a record of the happenings of my family. I've tried that whole scrapbooking thing, and it just never went anywhere for me. I spend so much time on the internet anyway, I might as well jot down and post pictures in a place that my children and family can come back to visit years down the road when they want to recollect details of a particular date or event. If blogger/google ever blows up, my ambitions for family record keeping will go down the drain. *shrug*

Besides all of the family stuff, I'll also post other things of importance to us - what music we happen to be jamming to, the books we are devouring, the recipes we are loving, and other odds and ends. Ultimately, Life On Bridgewood is about just that - our lives here in this charming neighborhood in our new home in South Carolina!