Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Third Trimester

Had my first appointment of the 3rd Trimester today. My blood pressure was high (132/90) so my doctor had them take it again at the end of the appointment (122/90... still somewhat high). The doctor stressed to me that if I had a few symptoms combined I needed to get my butt to the hospital, stat. These symptons include a headache that won't go away, seeing black spots, and swelling. I always seem to be swollen, so I guess I'll just be concerned if I notice the others. Thankfully no headaches, so that is good.

Doctor then measured my stomach, and according to her I'm measuring a week ahead (or an inch ahead of what I should be measuring) and that the baby "feels" big to her. Oh brother.

The exciting news? On October 17th we have our 30 week ultrasound! I imagine that I will really get a good idea of what our baby is going to look like, which will be fun :) The not so exciting news? Stupid glucose test that I have to do before the next appointment in two weeks. Lameness.