Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Adventure in My Mouth...

Thought I would show off some of the "meh" stuff I have been eating lately. I think I'm back out of the omelet for breakfast phase, though it was filling while it lasted. I'm just not a big breakfast person, and to eat that much protein that early kinda grosses me out.

I also enjoyed quite a bit of hot tea this week:

(notice how I strive to heat up the planet right from my very cubicle every day with the wasteful use of Styrofoam cups)

Dinner for tonight:

And for fun, here is what Josh surprised me with for enduring 2 years of wedded bliss ;)

And finally, the adventure in Josh's mouth for tonight:

Yeah, that is frozen pizza. I suck at wifeliness. I did let him eat some of my salad though, lol!