Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rewind: September 2013

September was slow, and long, and both wonderful and sad all at the same time. We found out we were pregnant (again, for the third time this year) and then found out I was miscarrying only a week later. We enjoyed the last bits of delicious summer fruits and salads all month long. We drank lots and lots of coffee. We cooked a lot of meals in big pots (and crock pots) which I will try to start adding to this blog so my babies, and their babies, can enjoy all the food they grew up with when they are out on their own. We had fuzzy insect friends visit our driveway.We purchased two amazing boxes of produce from Marvin's Produce as part of a school fundraiser. We watched the leaves change. We fried pickles. We ate yummy deserts. And, at the end, we talked about all the exciting things ahead of us (Halloween, Thanksgiving, our Elf friend coming back, Christmas, and the boys birthdays all in the next few months). September was an amazing prelude for what is to come!