Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Playground...

It is weird how things happen. J and I have often discussed our desire to to get a play ground for the boys. Not a rinky-dink toddler playground in plastic, but a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture that the boys could get lost in for hours. But, seriously, these things are EXPENSIVE. They sell them at Costco, which seems to be the best place to get anything of this nature, and even THOSE were crazy expensive. Lately, G-Ma & Papa have been batting around the idea of a playground for the kids... but again... so much MONIES! 

And then randomly, out of nowhere, a lovely couple that live across the street from Ma & Pa stopped by and asked if we might be interested in the playground their daughter had outgrown. We hopped on the offer quickly (though not quickly enough for Mikey's taste). It took the better part of a Sunday to get this thing pulled apart and moved from their yard to our yard. In the process, quite a few boards were... dislocated, lol. A few boards were even broken. This baby needs a little TLC in the form of some pressure washing and a chemical hose down, and some boards being nailed back in place, but hopefully by this weekend we will have a fully functioning playground with swings, a slide, a sandbox and an awesome fort complete with it's own canopy. 

Please excuse my disheveled forest. Ahem.

And AMEN for awesome neighbors.

(and for now, try to imagine the finished product - I'll update with pictures when it is all done!)

PS - I'm going to try and embed more music here. I have been listening to this non-stop: