Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Tour: The Kitchen

I thought it might be fun to show the internet what our new rental looks like! Please forgive the mess, seeing as we have only been living in the place 2 weeks, haven't completely finished unpacking, and still haven't completely cleaned the place (the front of the house is clean, but the bathrooms and office still need some love). This house is actually the biggest outside and inside that we have ever had. The home itself is just over 1900 sq ft, and the lot it sits on is about 1/2 an acre. The home was built in 1969, and I like it's character. Every room has crown molding, and I love the feel of hardwood floors on my bare feet.

But, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows. This place was livable when we moved in, but it badly needed a deep cleaning. Plus, the landscaping needs help! We have more weeds than flowers growing at this point, and the monkey grass is taking over the flower beds in the back! Plus, we have this weird flower bed on the side of the house that is growing iris's and... wild onions. Not even kidding. At first I was kind of excited because, hey, onions! I love onions! Alas, according to Pa-in-law, they taste yicky. There go all my culinary dreams...

At first I had visions of a retro revival, but I realized that they were someone else's vision, and I wanted to stick to my original goal of a clean, cozy, lived in place for the family to relax. Y'know... the Gaines Family Burrow. Above all else, I want to get away from my tendancy to leave walls blank and never "move in" to a place just because we are renting. My little guys will be returning to daycare next week, and I want to make a happy sanctuary for them to enjoy in the time they spend in our home. The place is a little rough around the edges, but we can see ourselves buying this place eventually, and plan on making it our own in the meantime.

Anyway - on with the show. I thought I'd start this series off with the Kitchen, because that seems to be where I spend most of my time! I probably should have taken the time to clean up, and I guess I will take more pictures when I catch the Kitchen in a "clean state" at some point this week.

The main problems (besides our love/hate relationship with the pre-historic appliances) with the kitchen involve the lack of counter space. I'm interested in obtaining a sideboard and using it against one of the free walls in the "eat-in" area of the kitchen so we can store the microwave and other larger appliances. I also LOVE my new view from the kitchen window! My last kitchen window stared straight at a block wall - so this is a vast improvement! Love looking at my jungle of a backyard! Besides that, I'd like to get a small table for the boys to sit at while they eat their meals (so I only have to clean one room after meal time!) and I'd like to find an old pallet and hang it on another wall to use as an herb garden. I figure if I keep my herbs indoors, I won't have to chase after the squirrels with a rifle like Pa-in-law has to :)

Looking forward to posting an update on the kitchen as soon as I have implemented my plans for it!