Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beware the Ides of March

{Yes, this is what my Fridge says at the moment. Yesterday it said "Welcome to our baby dungeon."}

Wow. This blog just might be magic. Or at least a portal through which I can put my desires out in to the universe, and maybe, if I'm lucky, the universe will send me back what I was hoping for.

In this case, the universe sent me a job. Huzzah! I'm really excited for a number of reasons, and not all of them are GREAT reasons to be excited about a job, but I'm still stoked. For starters, this is a big company. Small companies scare me. This is probably backwards considering that I was laid off from a large company, but in my mind I had the OPTION to stay with the company if I wished to move my family to Chicago, so still, big company = better job security. Second, this is a big bank. One of the ten largest in the US. I loved working in the financial industry, and I'm looking forward to being folded back up in its embrace. The third reason is where it starts to get silly, but I'll say it anyway - I'm super looking forward to working in this ENORMOUS & BRAND NEW building. This location is likely to become the main hub for the bank in the South East, and my prior experience was working in a satellite office with only a few people (GE has over 300,000 employees worldwide, and I worked in the same office as 49 of them). This branch/campus in particular can house over 1400 employees, and since it will be a main hub, it will probably get lots of love. The big hubs always got the love at GE, and based on the looks of the building I will be working in, this place should get plenty of love as well. Among other perks, there are the obvious, like great benefits, and a generous amount of "PTO." This whole PTO thing is a new concept to me, since I'm accustomed to fixed holidays, vacation and sick time in different categories. But - this new plan is great for someone like me that RARELY takes a sick day. There were so many times at GE that I wasn't sick, but maybe my kid was, and I had to take a vacation day to stay home and take care of him because I could only use my sick days if I was sick. No more. Also, since everything is lumped into one category, I can happily take 5 weeks of time off and feel no remorse.

Of course, there are always the not so fun things about starting a new job. I like to think I'm a likable person, but it can be intimidating being the "new kid." Plus, after spending 10 years at my last company, it will be hard to learn a new workplace culture. Most obvious of all, and probably the saddest thing for all of us, is that the boys will be going back into daycare. A necessary evil, but I'm glad the timing worked out when it did, because I actually feel READY to go back to work now. Of course, any daycare we go to is going to have big shoes to fill, because we loved our last sitter so stinkin' much. Plus, we got GREAT rates - I'm a little worried about the costs of daycare for the two boys, and hoping that I'm not spending my entire paycheck paying for healthcare and daycare, lol (sort of laughing). On that subject - this job is a step back from my last in terms of pay and "band" level. Almost to the tune of a 25% cut in pay - which seems astronomical. But, when you factor in the lower cost of living in SC (13% less than AZ) and living 5 doors down from your in-laws, it will balance for now, and there is so much room for growth at this bank, that I feel confident I will be back to where I was in no time.

Anyway, I start on March 26th - I will do my best to cherish my last 11 days as an exclusively "stay at home mom" but I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't bursting at the seams with excitement!

Oh, yeah, one other thing. It is my birthday! Happy 29th Birthday, Me! I fully intend on celebrating you in style with takeout Thai and a bottle of wine!