Tuesday, March 6, 2012

12.16.11 - 1.31.12

I'm far behind on my photography. After months away from my computer, I'm finally set up in our new office, and everything should be easy going forward. There is just the small matter of the months of January and February. Oh, and those last two weeks of December. So. Much. Has. Happened. I took close to 1,000 pictures during that time frame, and to go back and document it all seems insane, but I'm going to do it anyway, starting with Mikey's birthday.

My little man turned 3. In many ways he seems older, and he certainly LOOKS older than his age. His 3 year Well Visit turned out just fine, and he continues to top the growth charts.

Before we knew it, January was upon us. We spent New Years Eve... asleep? Isn't that a shame, I can't even remember if we stayed up to watch the ball drop on TV. I'm thinking we probably didn't, assuming that the children would sleep horridly due to barking dogs and gun shots and fireworks and whatnot.

January was full of picture taking, job searching, and exploring our new neighborhood. The boys were excited by the constant companionship of their grand parents, and we all acclimated to our new living situation. 

At the end of January, Johnny turned 1! There was much excitement, blueberry pancakes for breakfast and celebratory cake, most of which was eaten by the adults (hey, we got him this far, didn't we?). We made a mental note to back away from the Costco cakes unless we are planning an enormous party, since we all ended up eating cake for dessert for a week!

So I don't make the interwebz explode from an over abundance of picture posting, I'll reserve February for the next post :)