Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Adventure begins!

Writing from my phone and hoping it works. The internet/cable are already shut off, so I am relegated to blogging and web surfing through my EVO.

The packers are already done, and now we are waiting on the Salvation Army to haul away the couches, during, our bed and all the clothes and other junk we are donating. That means tonight will be a little rough as far as sleeping arrangements go, but at least we'll be in a hotel tomorrow night.

The movers arrive early tomorrow, and will likely be done before noon. That gives us the afternoon to get stocked up and ready for the road trip. I already can't imagine how much more lame this would be if we didn't have a portable DVD player and streaming music through Spotify on my phone.

I still plan on doing little blog & facebook posts along the way. Here we go!!