Friday, December 2, 2011

Johnny, 10 Months

Oh, hey, Johnny turned 10 months old. 3 days ago. Better late than later, I always say.

Anyway, Mr. Johnny is just way rad. I've got to say, we weren't at all pleased with the length of time it took for his top teeth to break through the gums, but they finally did. With that came a sleep schedule that we were more accustomed to. Sometimes he sleeps all the way through the night (6pm to 7am) but sometimes he wakes up around 9:30ish to let it be known that HE.IS.PISSED. It probably does nothing for his mood when I come in and cackle at him. Seriously though, if you expect me to take you seriously, don't scream your brains out while doing a silly little jig hanging on to the bars of your crib. If you are so mad, then why are you dancing, my sweetest little monster?

I've mostly attributed these wakings to a growth spurt. Depending on the disaster category, I will either re-binky him and lay him back down, where he will promptly pass back out, or if he is pretty worked up by that point, I'll give him another bottle. For a few weeks there, we were having an extra bottle a night. But the bottle would both fill him up and calm him down, and it was sleepy town after that.

Since the last post about Johnny turning 9 months old, we've reached some new milestones. The greatest of these milestones is that he is walking. For now it is only a few steps at a time, and then he drops and crawls again, but it is a start. Johnny also gleefully claps and waves. I think he probably would have done this a lot sooner if we had taught him - but for some reason I forgot how absolutely adorable it is for babies to wave until I saw Josh's cousin's baby waving at us over Skype. Oh, ha - that is right, they CAN do that, lol. We were so much more on the ball with that kind of stuff with Mikey.

Aside from the walking, waving and clapping, Johnny is still kind of crabby. He does great on his own, crawling around and playing with everything within his reach, and then he just gets to a point where he has had ENOUGH and someone better pick him up and carry him around so he can rest and just watch the world.

Johnny is also eating more solids - I find the jarred strained meats to be repulsive, so we've started feeding him turkey dogs cut up into small pieces, and he does really well with them. I think we are pretty close to being able to move away from the jarred foods in general, and on to everything we are eating, just cut up into small pieces.

Well, Johnny's 11 month post will be written from SC, with a few weeks of doting by loving grandparents. Lets see what kind of amazing feats he will stun us with then :)