Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall 2012: Continued

I should probably be sleeping right now, but I wanted to get in here before another day escaped without posting. November is NaBloPoMo or something like that, and while I didn't expect I would get in here 30 days in a row, I am really trying to post more frequently. Alas, things have been getting in the way. Good things, though. Work things! Work things are good. Also, sick husbands and babies. Not so good, but it was necessary that I care for them none-the-less. 

I pushed myself in the month of October to be more intentional with fostering family traditions around the holidays. I may have jumped the gun with Halloween, considering that by the time the 31st rolled around, I was wishing it were November already. Unfortunately (or thankfully), Thanksgiving comes MUCH sooner in the month of November this year, and I'm determined to figure out by the end of the weekend what sorts of arts/crafts I would like to work on with the kids, plus whatever movies/music I would like to expose them to. 

It appears we will be joining a large family gathering this year, which is just completely awesome. Last year we were in lock down mode at this point planning our cross country relocation and trying to get all packed up, and were grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my BFF and her people. This year will be so different! Since J's folks moved to SC, our Thansgiving Holiday's have usually consisted of an amalgamation of friends AND family, and this year it will be a large herd of Gaines folk! G-ma and I are already planning tactical maneuvers for optimization of stove space and food prep between our two homesteads. With a large crowd, it will be necessary!

On Friday (the 2nd) I made myself get out of my chair and walk around to capture the most recent developments in our yard. A tree had fallen earlier in the morning (thankfully no one was hurt!) and all the wind was blowing beautiful tufts of leaves out of the trees and all over the streets. It won't be long before all of the leaves are living on the ground, and the landscape will change into the beautiful stark bareness of winter that we arrived to last year. 

Enjoy my yard!

Happy November, everyone! I'm pretty geeked for Turkey Day this year!