Friday, November 23, 2012


Today was one of the best Black Friday's in recent memory. I didn't set foot in one retail store. Not one! Surely I'm not alone in my disdain of the insanity of rushing out hours after sharing a wonderful meal with friends and family to buy stuff. If I'm honest with myself I really only learned to hate the day after Thanksgiving because all those crazy shoppers meant I HAD TO WORK AT THE CRACK OF DAWN. I was full of turkey. All I wanted to do was sleep. Poor teenage Kerith.

Instead, today, I lazed about with my sweet littles. We snuggled, and chomped on leftover bacon from yesterday's breakfast. We listened to Christmas music in the playroom. We watched way too many episodes of Duck Dynasty. Like 10, straight. I'm starting to notice a trend in my appreciation of backwoods rednecks from Louisiana. J and I shared the basic outline of our vision for creating our very own winter wonderland in our own home. We disagreed about lights. J is pretty into the white icicle lights we've always used, but I want to run out and buy a bunch of those retro teardrop multi-colored lights (which are of course now made in LED, and not nearly as much fun). Unfortunately, they are too expensive, and we have a whole tub full of the aforementioned icicle lights in our attic. *Shrug* I suppose we'll have to go with those so we actually have money for Christmas gifts, lol.

Aside from all that, we had a small disruption in our day in the form of a nail in my tire. Papa got our tire refilled with air so J could drive it to discount tire where they were lovely enough to patch our tire free of charge, and let us get away without buying two new tires today. Again, gotta buy those Christmas gifts! Can't afford to be spending all sorts of money on random emergencies. This is exactly why Dave Ramsey pushes so hard for that Emergency Fund!

After a quick visit with Aunt Sarah so she could get in her goodbyes to the boys (she won't be back in SC until Christmas Eve) and a tearful night time routine (why was everyone so weepy tonight?) J and I ended up finishing off our Black Friday with Pizza, Beer, the ASU football game and some time in the office.

Not a bad day at all.