Thursday, October 7, 2010

{so many things}

It only seems fair that if I spent the last three blog posts complaining about the insane heat in AZ, that I in turn give AZ mad props for the last three rainy days with highs in the 70's/80's. It was a nice chilly 65 this morning on my way to work. Of course, AZ does everything EXTREME, so our rain also included hurricane strength winds, TORNADO'S!!! and oh yes, marble sized hail. WTF?!

But, I'll take hail and tornado's over 108 degree October days EVERY TIME!

In other news, had a follow up ultrasound yesterday to get a better look at the baby and also to check out his placenta. Baby looks great, growth is great, still a little boy for sure (I could actually tell this time :o), and heart and brain look fantastic. Only thing is the durned placenta, and where the umbilical cord inserts into it. Everything on the cord itself looks fantastic, but placement is just abnormal. Just because it is abnormal doesn't mean anything will be wrong, they just need to keep an eyeball on it. So far it isn't hampering the little dudes growth in any way whatsoever. Oh, and little dudes name might not be William anymore. I've recently fallen in love with the name Thomas. So - we'll see what we end up with, lol.

Other things? How about fruit and vegetable things? How about finding awesome solutions to irritating problems. My problem was that I wanted to give my family a variety of organic fruits and veggies, but I didn't want to participate in a lame co-op or go to a farmer's market. Solution? Nature's Garden Delivered. For an extremely reasonable price, this company delivers a box once a week full of organic produce. I get to set my preferences so they never stick mushroom's or ocra within inches of my box. Each Friday they send me an email with a list of what will be in the box for the next week, so if there is anything I object to, I can swap it out. Awesome! The perfect solution for the woman who wants organic produce for her family yet is too lazy to go about obtaining it. Now all I need to do is get J to set up an herb garden on the wall in the dining room and I'm ready to rock!

What about holiday things? Because it is fall now, in case you didn't know, so my head is swirling with all the fabulous holiday projects I want to tackle. Baking and crafting (check out these awesome ghosts!. I'm thinking pumpkin cupcakes are in order. Make some halloween sugar cookies. And lots of spooky decorations. Mikey's little buddy Zander is turning 1 on Halloween, so we actually have a Halloween/Birthday party to go to!!

Finally, it is officially "owshide" time. Expect lots of pictures from me capturing our outdoor exploration now that our shoes won't melt to the sidewalks.