Friday, October 22, 2010

{random acts of randomness}

*random kidneys: Baby has something going on with his kidneys. I haven't talked much about it, but apparently the official term is "Renal Pelvic Fullness." After all that has gone on with my father's health, hearing the word Renal just makes me want to puke. Best case scenario, baby will no longer have any issues at the 28 week follow up ultrasound. Worst case scenario, baby will require surgery after he is born to remove whatever obstruction is causing the problem.

*random neighbor: The next door neighbor lady (I believe she is single, or at least living alone) has taken a fancy to our sweet old lady, Sammie. One random Saturday she knocked on our door and asked if she could come into the backyard to pet her, as they had apparently struck up a friendship over the wall while she was doing yardwork. I'm pretty "meh" about that kind of stuff. Whatever you want to do! I'm sure Sammie won't fuss about the attention. I knew their friendship was growing, because Mikey finds all the treasures she lobs into the backyard. When I hear the words "Mmmm, good" and look up to find my toddler eating doggie biscuits, I had to laugh. That explains why Sammie was randomly turning up rawhide bones out of thin air in our backyard for a few weeks. Anyway, the most recent event to occur was when I opened the blinds to the sliding glass door to find Sammie snuggled up in a nice comfy HUGE doggie bed, lol, along with a note from the neighbor saying she hoped we didn't mind her getting Sammie a present.

*random reunion: Our old neighbors from Maricopa have moved to Chandler, and only live about 10 minutes away now! She sent out an invitation to her son's 2nd bday, and we ended up reconnecting much sooner. Yesterday afternoon our boys had a 'playdate' that involved chasing eachother in circles around the house. Fun was had by all. We hadn't seen eachother in just about a year, so it was great catching up.