Sunday, February 28, 2010

14 Months...

M is 14 Months old today! Everyday he seems to be learning a new word, acquiring a new skill. He is filled with wonderment, excitement and joy at the world around him. He loves to CLIMB on anything he can manage (especially the couches and the bench in the entryway of the house). He adores the outdoors and goes into a panic when he realizes someone is going outside without him. He loves all the fur babies - especially his pal, Finley, who curls up and sleeps outside of his bedroom all day and night. When he does get outside, if he gets the slightest inkling you might try to take him back indoors, he "dead weights" himself and hits the floor with the hope that he is now too heavy to be lifted. He doesn't want to run in the grass - he wants to run on the sidewalk. In fact, he doesn't want to be steered, he just wants to go wherever the fun appears to be (ie, chasing after the school bus). When he lets himself slow down, he is a super snuggley bug. He loves to bury his face into his mom and dad's shoulders and wraps his arms around our necks. He also snuggles anything stuffed or living in the animal form in our home.

He has words. So many words. He loves to wave while he says "Hi" and "Bye." He says "book" and "baby" and "Ma MEE" and "Da DEE" plus a few others like ball, juice, shoes and THIS THIS THIS (*insert chubby pointing fingers here*).

He loves his new mega blocks, and is already erecting towers in our living room with his new favorite toy.

His sleeping patterns have changed. He no longer takes several naps throughout the day, now only taking 1 very long nap after lunch (typically 2-3 hours). Thankfully, he hits the pillow for an amazing 12 hours straight every night (like he has been doing since he was about 4 months old) so that is wonderful.

We love him so much, we might just explode (in a good way, of course).