Friday, February 12, 2010

Beastie Boy...

You know you have issues when your sitter starts telling you daily through verbal and written expression that your son is the spawn of the devil. Ok, maybe she didn't say it quite like that, but she did essentially tell me that my 13 month old is the class bully.

Sitter: "He hits the other kids with toys."
Me: Uhhhh... sorry?

Sitter: He pulls the little girl's hair
Me: Uhm... sorry?

Sitter: He screams. Not in anger, but in joy. He expresses himself by screaming
Me: Oh - yeah, I knew about that. You don't think that is cute? Uh - sorry?

After spending the last month apologizing, and trying to teach my 13 month old about "nice hands" and "inside voices" I wasn't really getting anywhere. I had only seen him behave like a perfect angel with other little kids - giving kisses and hugs and playing mostly nice.

I guess our sitter finally had enough, because she broke up with us yesterday. Told me I had a week to find a new sitter, and she had enough and couldn't take anymore because she couldn't get Mikey to play "cohesively" with the other babies.

For real? Cohesively with others? Mikey doesn't even fully understand what OTHERS is, let alone playing nice. And my fears of having a 1 year old that could pass for a 3 year old are coming true. Poor fella. I thought it was normal for a 1 year old to behave the way he does, but I guess I was wrong. And this must be some sort of record. My 13 month old was expelled from daycare.

I'm sure some day I will look back on this and laugh. Sure.

And while I get a new sitter squared away, here are some pictures of February, so far:

I finally got Mikey's laundry organized!

Mikey is walking in shoes! (ummm, sort of)

Mikey LOVES reading!

And also, climbing on to things he shouldn't:

And getting booboo's: