Tuesday, February 24, 2009

America, going forward...

I listened to Obama tonight. I tried to remain open minded. Philosophically, we completely differ in our belief of how the country should be run. Nevertheless, I listened. I agreed with a lot of what he said. I do believe that learning starts at home, with the parents. When he talked about reading to your children, I swelled up a bit because, hey, I read to my 2 month old every night.

I too believe that dropping out of high school should not be an option. 2 of my siblings dropped out of high school. It should be illegal to not complete a high school education (whether that is through homeschooling, charter schools or regular old public education).

A lot of what he said was inspirational, and ideal and hey, wouldn't it be great if it were all the way he described it.

My hang up is, he is proposing all these wonderful things by spending my tax dollars. Giving money to banks specifically for the purpose of lending for cars and other vehicles. So, using my tax money to make a goverment backed loan to someone so they can buy a car. From a car company that is nearly bankrupt due to unions and... and... oh my brain hurts.

So, anyway, O said a whole lot of wonderful things tonight, and I "hope" that he can make his vision a reality, but I really have a hard time believing that we are going to get these results by throwing the tax payers money at the problem. Why don't you just let us keep our money in the first place, and we can go stimulate the economy with it ourselves?