Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rich Girl...

Socks. To me, feeling wealthy is all in the socks that are on my feet. Sounds pretty silly, but it is still true. Money wasn't exactly spilling out all over the place in my house growing up, and some of the basics had to be stretched quite a bit. One of those basics included socks. My crappy (low quality) socks always seemed to have holes in the toes, and they were pretty thin straight out of the package.

When I got to high school, my best friend had parents that were pretty well off. It was through her that I was introduced to the luxury of high quality socks. These particular socks were stretchy, yet thick and soft as can be. I seriously loved these socks people. The socks I speak of are Russell Athletic Performance Crew Socks. I'm sure to many of you these socks may seem ordinary, common place, run of the mill even. But to me, they were paradise in my shoes! I managed to acquire a few pairs of these socks throughout high school, and I cherished them and wore them as often as I could wash them (or when I wasn't wearing flip flops).

Now that I'm an adult, and I get to purchase my own socks, I buy these same socks. I still <3 them just as much as I did in high school, and putting them on makes me feel like a millionaire.

I know to most people, driving a luxury automobile, or living in a big house might make them feel like a million bucks. Me? Nah, none of those things. It's all about to the small luxuries to me.

Other things that make Kerith feel like she is Bill Gates:

-Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner
-Bright Plastic Drink ware (such as these)
-Drugstore Makeup
-Rocket Dog Flip Flops
-Clinique Moisturizer
-Chunky Jewelry

What makes you feel rich?