Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I don't want anybody else...

You know, the musical adventures I go on during any given night tend to amaze me. For example, tonight, I started with a classic, romantic, beautiful song:

Yeah, baby. Hello too much beer at Teakwoods and a bottle of wine at home. Seriously, this song does is for me. If it does not do it for you, there must be something wrong. For some reason, all this craziness transpired to speed/death metal. Oh, and some angsty metal. I know, I know - Divinyl's do not necessarily = metal, but that seemed to be the way my evening was working tonight. I was feeling handsy (think JD from Scrubs) so I was listening to handsy music.

So, after some magical 80's sexay music, we graduated to some sexay 90's musica.

And then I remembered all the other Deftones song I LOVE LOVE LOVE. These songs make me want to be anorexically thin for some reason. Is anorexically a word? According to Blogger, it is not. Anyway... hooray Seeexay Deftones music. Listen to them all. I dare you.

Deftones - Back To School:

Deftones - Change:

And from that point on it was a natural progression towards all the great rock artists of my high school youth years.

Sevendust: Waffle

Incubus: New Skin

And at that point it pretty much got crazy:

And I think that should cover it for random flashback night. Enjoy :)