Monday, January 21, 2008

Holy Shit Economy...

Josh and I like to feel bad about ourselves for being unprepared for our future. No 401K, no savings in the savings account, no investments period. Of course, on days like this, I like to pat myself on the back for being a financial slacker.

Stock Market Sucks the Big One

And it is a good thing that Bill Clinton will be so involved with Hillary's presidency. Here he is, shown taking a nap at an MLK service. Of course, this isn't the first public nap he has taken. Apparently he's been busted snoozing at a Mets game, and was also caught asleep at Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Another few interesting articles at the Drudge Report discuss the fact that American's are more ready for a black president than a female president. Actually, I like to think we are more prepared for a black female president (ie, Condoleeza Rice) than either Barack or Hillary. Besides, apparently Obama isn't black anyway - according to the Clinton News Network (CNN) Barack Obama is Mustard.

Can I say that I'm a little worried about what is happening in the Republican camp? Obviously, my support is for Fred Thompson, however, but since he sucked it up in SC, I really think he doesn't have much of a chance in this election. My second favorite after Fred (after careful debating) is Romney. Josh thinks that he is too smart for a lot of Americans, and that he might seem too "slick" due to the fact that he always seems to have an answer. Of course, that probably has to do with his level of intelligence. I don't know - I kind of like his "slickness." Anyway, unless something crazy happens, I'm pretty sure that I will be voting for Mitt Romney on February 5th.