Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day...

At some point during my pregnancy, I realized that this year I would be a cause worth celebrating according to halmark. Of course, Mikey is too little to celebrate my greatness and my Husband's debit card is cracked into two pieces and seeing as I now control the cash flow (just call me the ATM) my Husband can't easily celebrate my greatness, either.

But - that doesn't mean that I can't celebrate my greatness, lol.

I kind of want this TV Bench:

Ikea is selling it for the low low price of $179.00! I can even order it online. The TV stand we have now just won't do --- it is so rickety, the second the baby starts pulling himself up on whatever, the TV will come toppling down on him (so I suppose that sort of makes this a necessity actually).

Finally, please try not to be annoyed by my page at the moment. I was trying to code in an additional side bar, and for some reason it ended up on the right side instead of left of the main wrapper (Although, I might just keep it that way...)

Have a wonderful Mother's day this weekend, all!