Monday, May 4, 2009

Leaving the Nest...

Traditionally, our children grow older and move away from home. Some, such as my husband and I, don't wander too far away. Others strive to get as far away from home as possible.

After transferring to AZ in the early 90's for work, Mr. Right's parents (my in-laws) are finally moving back home to South Carolina. It feels weird to say they are moving back home --- they have lived in Arizona for at least 15 years. Every minute that I have known them, they have lived in the same house, just an hour up the road. Anyway, they have found a house they want to move into, and in just a few short weeks they will be putting their home on the market.

As far as Mr. Right and I? Well, we aren't going anywhere. Even if we wanted to go, it wouldn't be possible with the economy and the job market. And, if we could just pick up and leave, I'm pretty sure at this point that we don't want to. So, they will go, and we will not. I have to admit, I started entertaining visions of "Everyone Loves Raymond" and having them move in across the street from us. Mr. Right and I want a big family - at least 4 children if possible (5 if I have my way). Wouldn't it be fun to live extremely close to the grand parents and have them involved in our lives on an almost daily basis? Am I out of my mind? My best friend Valerie lives just 2 blocks over from her parents, and they all seem as happy as can be!

I don't think the reality of this has set in for Mr. Right. At the moment, we usually see his parents a few times a month. Now that we've got the grand baby, I'm sure they would love to see us every week, if not every day. We are going to go from seeing them a few times a month to only a few times a year.

What it all comes down to is that they've got to do what is right for them. Yeah, it might suck for us, but I guess we've just got to step back and let them fly back south for the winter.

Mikey cries IRL.