Monday, July 15, 2013

Greenville Zoo: Summer 2013

We had the chance to get to the Greenville Zoo two weekends ago. I found photographing the event to be more difficult this time due to a combination of steamy weather and a camera that didn't want to focus on anything but the bars of the cages (which makes me a little sad to think about). This was the first time that Johnny really "got" the whole thing - and he was so thrilled at every exhibit. Mikey, similar to the last time, was in a big rush to get through each exhibit, so we had to remind him fairly regularly to slow down and try to enjoy the adventure. We love our little zoo, but I'm itching for an adventure to Columbia so we can check out the Riverbank Zoo!

Afterwards we hit up our local Bruster's for some ice cream. It was humid, and rainy, so we sat in the van and enjoyed the storm while we ate.

It was a good day!