Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 Months Old...

Mikey, my favoritest baby... today you turned 9 months old! I can barely stand the thought of how quickly time has passed, and how much you have grown even in the last month. You are standing on your own, and even taking a step or 2 as long as the video camera isn't anywhere in sight. You crawl fast as lightening - and Daddy and I have so much fun getting down on all fours to chase after you. As we chant "I'm gonna GET YOU!" over and over, you squeal in delight and sometimes forget to crawl away from us, and instead end up charging straight in our direction. Most recently, you have discovered the joy of clapping. You clap excitedly in the early morning while I change your diaper - and you clap when anyone tells you how adorable you are. You are more than happy to crawl around on your own, getting up to no good - trying to figure out how to open cabinet doors and pulling pans out of the drawer under the oven.

You've officially sworn off pureed foods --- none of that squishy stuff you, thank you very much. Oh, and could you please just let me feed myself - I'm perfectly capable. What exactly are you eating? Yes, I'd like some of that, too.

Today, when I asked you to say Mama (over and over again) you'd laugh and say "Dada... Da Da..." VERY FUNNY MISTER! Then, I sang "Return to Pooh Corner" to you, and you fell asleep in my arms. What a perfect end to another perfect evening with you.

I love you so much, Mikey.