Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Last week, we found out that the someone in my womb happens to be a daughter. Our daughter. It feels weird to say.

After being surrounded by a sea of blue and green and power rangers, race cars and rough tough little boy stuff, I went out on Thursday morning to Target with G-Ma, and faced the deluge of pink, purple and glitter. It was a smidge overwhelming. My tendency was to push back on the "girlie girl" stuff - because I'm certainly not a "girlie girl" myself, but I finally decided to just go with it. I now have a pile of pink sitting on my daughter's dresser, waiting to be washed and folded.

This last weekend, G-Ma and the boys and I went out on an adventure to find a "theme" we liked for Eleanor's nursery, and amazingly enough found something I loved, that just happened to have pink in it. Fortunately it also has owls, so that helped!

So, progress has been made, and we have all had too much fun talking about what it will be like to have a little sister around here. The boys are both so excited at the concept of helping with a baby... I just hope that the enthusiasm sticks around after she is here and everyone is a bit sleep deprived.