Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mikey's 5th Birthday!

Oh. My.Word. I don't know that more fun was had by a five year old anywhere in the land on his special day. We started out with Dunkin Donuts and unwrapping gifts. Lunch was Chuck-E-Cheese, with pizza & games. Then, after dinner, we sang the birthday song by candle light. 

In previous years, we kind of did everything all at once, but it sure was fun stretching out the festivities over the whole day!

And, as for the 5 year old in question, most of the day involved looks of disbelief between his father and I. When did our chubby monkey get so grown up? We knew this would happen, but it kind of snuck up on us! He is so smart, and (most of the time) very sweet and patient with his little brother. They play together (most of the time) very nicely, and he just crushes our souls with his overwhelming sweetness. We are so lucky to have our Mikey!

Can't believe we'll have a kindergartner on our hands in just a few short months!!