Monday, December 10, 2012

Around Here - 12.10.12

A few snapshots for you of our sweet babies and our little pockets of the season spreading through our dwelling. I love December in general, and Christmas in particular, so very much. It is truly heart warming to watch the boys stare in amazement at our tree! We've also been nomming on a lot of candy canes (cherry flavored are the best!).

And here are some landscape shots - fall is beautiful, but even the winter in our neck of the woods has its own kind of beauty. I really do enjoy the starkness of the landscape - the bare tree branches, and cooler temps. Lately it has been rainy, and is supposed to rain again today. It is also neat to find out what has been hiding behind all those leaves all year! There are so many buildings we can now see on our way to and from the daycare that were previously hidden from view.

Hope all our family and friends are enjoying the season thus far!