Saturday, October 27, 2012

Around Here...

{Grandma had a birthday, there was much rejoicing, followed shortly thereafter by a meltdown - hence Mikey Bear not being pictured.}

{Enormous pumpkin! Don't mind the crumbs. The kiddo's are stoked to carve this guy up.}

{Sometimes I just like to go door to door taking pictures from my windows. Look what I get to see everyday, people? Isn't it gorgeous! I can't get over these beautiful leaves. I love fall in SC!}

{I also love Ball Mason Jars. Handiest storage devices ever. They even make Wacky Mac look tempting!}

{It is crazy how fast critters grow. I'm thankful the boys don't grow at the same rate kittens do, though it feels like they do sometimes. <3 Fitz!}

{I've been dragging my Canon to the boys daycare all last week hoping to remember to take a picture of this beautiful tree. The picture isn't so great, it is super vibrant bright red in person!}