Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Fall!

I've decided this year to try and get in on some of the action over at Nester's place. I'm not officially linking up or anything, but I've always liked the idea, and this is the perfect way to get myself back into the habit of blogging. My topic is 31 Days of Fall - which seems kind of lame, but this is actually the first REAL fall that I've ever experienced, so I thought it would be fun to keep track of the changes going on around the house, and the ways we celebrate fall 2012!

Fall for the last 29 years for me has meant nothing. I didn't even know what it was. I guess that is because it can still feel an awful lot like the summer in Phoenix. The high in Phoenix today is supposed to reach 102. The high was SUPPOSED to be 72 in Taylors, but it has been holding steady at 61 all day. This is probably due to the fact that it has been raining all day. I love it!

Aside from enjoying fall, I've also been enjoying working from home. Unfortunately, while I have been cooking most of my meals at home, I've also been cooking unhealthily and not watching my portions. I let the scale creep up a few pounds before I officially signed up for Weight Watchers Online. I know, it is my fifty millionth time signing up, but I'm super excited to track my points and use all the online tools. The plan is to sign up for the WW Pass so I can attend meetings in person AND have the Online tools beginning in November. If I'm finding success just doing it online, I may skip the meetings to save the money.

Anyway, here are some snap shots from around the house! Happy 1st day of Fall, and enjoy the beautiful changing leaves!