Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Odds & Ends...

Hello! I've been struggling with getting in here to blog lately.

Am I the only one who sees something SO amazing, that it makes me want to give up on my own pipe dreams? I *love* to read other blogs, and feel so inspired while enjoying them, but then when I get back to my own place, I have a hard time doing anything because it just seems like my place will never measure up. And then I have to think really hard about my purposes for even writing. Then I'm annoyed with myself for giving up so easily, and the memories that may have escaped this keyboard that I'm trying to keep for my family. That is what this is all for - not so I can become some famous "mom blogger," or spin this place into an economic powerhouse to earn additional income. I just want a place to keep our memories so that my guys can come here and go "oh wow - awesome!" I don't have a ton of family photos from when I was growing up, but I know how much I would treasure having piles of photos to look through and just *remember*.

Now seems like a good time to get back to the blog. I've left one job, and begun another that is allowing me to work from home. There are pro's & con's to this working from home stuff. I have a feeling that I will end up working more frequently (though not necessarily all straight in a row. I also expect that I will get to live a little bit better than I'm accustomed to - with more time for eating better and physical fitness. So far, I'm relishing the few extra minutes I get in the morning with M & J, and it is nice catching up with Big J when he comes home for lunch.

My laundry is still sitting in a pile in the laundry room making evil eyes at me.

Aside from that, I'm accustomed to being really GOOD at whatever job it is that I'm doing. Historically speaking, it hasn't taken me much time to figure things out in whatever role I was in, and then not only excel at it, but make it BETTER. This new gig is going to stretch my brain a bit, but I'm so excited for the chance and opportunities that this will mean for me and my family (but I would be a liar if I didn't also mention that I'm scared that this new job is going to kick my butt, and that there will be parts that I won't get at first).

So, anyway, aside from all that - I'm thinking about participating in The Nester's next 31 day series. I have a beautiful view into my backyard, and I've never experienced a true "fall" before, so I thought I might do 31 days of Fall - as seen through my sliding glass door onto the deck looking at the Dogwood.

Just a thought.

Also, in the last few days I've watched Snow White & The Huntsman as well as The Five Year Engagement. Both were equally great. The Snow White had me crying, and the my arm hair standing up straight at some points! And it has been awhile since I've laughed like I did at a movie - I loved it, and the ending was great!