Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our New Home: Interior Tour!

I was lucky enough to get to spend some time this afternoon walking through the house to get a better idea of  how I wanted to get the new place situated. I also took that opportunity to take lots of pictures. These are truly "before" photos, and I can't wait to see the differences over the years as we make this place our very own!

Without further ado, here is House, on the inside!

Come on in!
Welcome to the Foyer! I've never really had one of these. I've got so many ideas for our entryway! From here, you can step up in to our living room!

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but this is a really nice sized room with plenty of natural light from the HUGE window. This is where the super comfy sectional and our TV will live!
From the living room you can see the stairs. Lets go upstairs next!
These stairs lead to all the bedrooms! The first one you'll run into is Johnny's room!

And then moving on down the hallway you'll run into the guest room...

Moving right along, you'll run into Mikey's room.

Exiting Mikey's room, if you were to take a look to the left, you would find several closets and the boy's bathroom.

And at the end of the hallway, you will find our bedroom! The closet is unusually large for homes built in this area, but we are happy!

Heading back downstairs...
At the bottom of the stairway you will find yourself facing the dining room. I LOVE the big windows in this room, and am super excited to share many meals in this room!

If you back up and turn right, you will find yourself peering down a hallway with some closets... (aka, my future pantry!)
Straight ahead you walk in to our eat-in kitchen!

I really am inclined towards tearing off cabinet doors, painting cabinets white, and making everything nice and open. But then my father-in-law points out how unique the cabinets are... how this maker is no longer in business, and how they were custom built for the home. Bah. Brown probably hides dirt better :)

Anway... leaving the kitchen, you can walk down the steps and on the left find our super awesome (indoors!) laundry room! I'm digging the coat hooks!
If you were to continue heading straight (instead of turning left into the laundry room) you will find yourself in our family room. I'm not sure if the wood paneling will get to remain in its current state, or if I will paint it white to lighten the room up. I'm glad this fire place has a mantel to decorate!

From here you can walk straight into the garage, and out into our magnificent yard!

Can't wait to get the keys on Friday!!