Tuesday, February 21, 2012


J got the job! The pay is better than we hoped, and will allow me to stay home with the boys while I find something that will be a good fit for me (in the happiness and pay dept).

In other happy news, we are meeting with our landlord tonight to hammer out the details of our lease and we should be able to move in by March 1st. MIL is sad that the boys won't be in their home every morning, or night, as they have grown accustomed to, but I reminded her that it will be vastly improved in comparison to the last 2 years. I imagine we'll work out a way to have dinners together a few times a week, and probably weekend breakfast, plus while I'm home with the boys we will be home ALL the TIME!

I'm through the roof with excitement, and can't wait to settle in to our new normal :)