Friday, February 17, 2012

Good luck, don't fail us now...

Ever since that fateful day in October, the day J and I found out we would both be losing our jobs, this magical force has been taking care of us, removing obstacles, and pointing us in this direction. To say that we "just knew" would be an understatement, at least for me. Every fiber of my being was screaming that we needed to get our butts to SC, stat. Along the way we encountered events that might have made other folks run for the hills, assuming this was some mistake, but we kept on keeping on, and things just kept clicking together and somehow working.

Then, we got here... And it seemed like the wind that had been at our sails this entire time had run out. I took a crappy job for 3 days before that finally fizzled out, and then, all has been waiting, stillness. Applying. Waiting. Waiting.

We started worrying about what would happen after the money ran out. We were bummed that we might miss out on the house up the street that we were so fond of. I started to feel... desperate sadness that there was nothing we could do to get back to what we had in Phoenix (2 jobs & a home of our own).

Just when I started to feel like we were going to end up taking permanent residence in my in-laws guest room, Josh got a phone call. A request to complete an assessment, and then a request for an informal interview, followed shortly by a phone call requesting a formal interview. Which he is at. Now.

I've got my fingers crossed. While I will happily get sucked back into the banking vortex with a smile on my face, J needs more. This seems like a great job with a great (smaller) company. Those aren't easy to come by. So, I'm sitting here, hoping my hardest that all goes well, and that everyone agrees this will be a fantastic relationship and they offer J the job.

Hope hope hope hope hope.

After we've got this job thing squared away for J, I can focus on myself, and then we can resume life as we knew it. 2 jobs. 1 home. Abundant quantities of happiness and joy.

***fingers crossed***