Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today feels like Christmas. It is Valentines Day, but ever since Mikey really started understanding the whole celebrating holidays thing, we can't help but go a little bit over the top. Besides, life can throw some lame crap at you, so I firmly believe in celebrating every opportunity given.

So, on this Christmas minus the tree V-day, the boys were showered with toys, chocolates, and "just because I love you" hugs and kisses from J & I, and of course G-Ma and Papa. It was magnificent. Oh, and then J showered me with my favorite Chocolate and a can of Rockstar. /swoon. Love that man! J's folks surprised us with a Pizza Making kit, which is awesome since we've recently discovered our love of homemade pizza. I will have to document our first attempt.

Even though my heart is full of delight this morning, it is also heavy with worry. We are still both trying to find work, and haven't had much success. J was contacted yesterday to do an assessment in order to get an interview, but after finishing the assessment we have yet to hear about a followup interview. We'll keep trying! We still have our heart set on renting the house down the road, and hope we don't lose out on a silly technicality like employment :/.

I hope everyone's V-days have been as awesome as ours!