Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home, perhaps?

Josh and I went to see a home today. A cute home built in the 60's. Although it completely goes against the style and tendencies of modern homes, I'm already quite smitten with it. The owner couldn't sell it after a few months on the market, and we can't really buy a home at the moment. It would appear to be the ideal situation for each of us for her to rent us the home. It is VERY close to J's folks (only a few doors down) so we already know the neighborhood and a good chunk of the neighbors.

So - anyway - back to the home. It really does need some TLC in the form of a good scrub down and cobweb dusting, and there are some minor cosmetic things we are interested in changing that the home owner would have no problem with. I'm so excited to decorate and play up to the retro era the home was built in!

The kitchen is teeny tiny, the bathrooms are also teeny tiny, but the living space is great, and we are so stoked about the possibility of having a screened in porch, and also having a big fenced in backyard with plenty of trees for the boys to play in!

Our hope is to be able to move into our own place in March. Keep your fingers crossed that the job hunt for J is successful!

In the meantime, I'm going to stalk Pinterest for retro decorating ideas, and keep my eyes open for storage ideas we'll need to make this new space work (ie, vanity table for a "getting ready" area for me, possibly an actual Wardrobe/Armoir since we wouldn't have much closet space, and plenty of vintage Pyrex dishes!).

I'll try to keep up with the posts here as often as I can, but until we get our own office set up in our own place, it may be sporadic. Hope everyone is having a great year!