Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Johnny: 9 Months

I'm dragging ass this morning, on account of it being the 7th day in a row (at least) that I've been woken in the middle of the night by a screaming baby. Damn those top two teeth! Is there any implement that I'm unaware of that will allow me to push these teeth down and out? So tired, and so cranky. I was trying to console myself and remember that this, too, is just a phase that will pass. Maybe. Oh, shit, wait, I forgot to document Mr Johnny's 9 month stats. So, here you go, internet:

Weight: 23lbs (90th %)
Height: 32 inches (off the charts)
Head Circumference: 18cm (for some reason I think this is only 50% for his age... oh noes for small heads)

Johnny is rockin' two enormous rodent teeth on the bottom, and has two massive swollen areas on the top gums where the front teeth are trying to break out. He nom nom noms on anything he can get into his mouth, and is especially fond of chewing on white socks (even better if they are on someone's foot!). Johnny is no longer content to crawl, but isn't quite walking yet, either. He happily cruises along whatever furniture he can pull himself on to, and finds it delightful if someone takes the time to take his hands and help him walk. Sometimes he forgets that he isn't in a bouncer and that results in a very humorous strut.

Johnny is a bit more serious, and a bit fussier than I recall Mikey being at this age. That is ok, though. We've always joked that Johnny was an old soul, and he was not happy to be back. Please don't be alarmed if my toddler tells you to get off his lawn. He isn't as much of a snuggler as Mikey, either, but when he isn't feeling particularly happy, or is a little tired, someone better pick his ass up, like, stat.

Please don't get me wrong. In the baby scale of ease, with a 1 being demon baby and 10 being an angel baby, while Mikey was firmly a 10, I realize that Johnny is probably an 8. He *mostly* sleeps through the night, and has from a very early age. He is *mostly* happy, he just isn't the gooing babbling happy time fest that Mikey was.

We count ourselves lucky that the boys seem to love eachother. They happily play together, and Mikey does his very best to share his plethora of toys with his little brother. Johnny, to his credit, doesn't get too worked up when inevitably, the toy he just finally managed to pick up and put on the table in front of him, is ripped away by his older brother. I'm sure looking forward to many years of watching them become pals.