Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cleaning out My Closet

Actually, cleaning out my "coat" closet, my "linen" closet, my "nowhere else to put it/baby supply" closet, my "office supply graveyard" closet, and the biggest closet of all, also known as "the garage."

The front closet is where our shoes, vacuum cleaner, gift wrap, and other random crap lives.

I think this is where most people would put blankets and crap, but we keep all the things we don't want the children getting into in here.

This is the closet in Johnny's room, but we current use it to house blank cds, old printers, and a random supply of books.

This is the closet that house our linens... in a very random  order.

Nom nom nom... I will eat you, blue tooth device!

The garage is our first project. Josh and I are going to jump in there tonight and start organizing.