Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{back to school}

I've been away from this blog for nearly two months now. An unplanned break, although as it turns out, a much needed one. I've always been a blogger without a purpose - in my mind anyway, I could not necessarily be classified as a "mommy blogger" or a "food blogger" or a "music blogger" or any other term used to lump bloggers together into identifiable groups.

When I first started reading blogs, my favorites were always the *nesting* bloggers. Youngish women writing about starting families, and making their homes. I found solace in knowing these women through their blogs. I felt less alone. Hey - look - there are other women out there experiencing the same things as me. Except, I wasn't experiencing the same things, I was just reading about their experiences and letting their images color my blank walls.

Not to say that my life lacks meaning or purpose, or is empty. Far from it. Just that my dreams and hopes for my family are all continually bubbling just beneath the surface, never quite making it to paper, never coming to fruition. Hey - I'm sure it is enough for most families to get by, but I don't want to just do enough. I want to do amazing.

So, with that in mind, I'm setting out to get this blog back to its original purpose: the documenting of mine and my families lives together. Some day I hope my children can look back through these archives and fondly remember the simple memories and collections of photographs taken for them.

P.S. - I'm pregnant. 5 days left of the 1st trimester.