Monday, January 11, 2010

Windows to Linux

OMG Kerith. Where have you been (you might be asking yourself... or maybe you haven't even noticed that I've been gone for approximately forever).

Anyway, Kerith decided to go on an epic journey. A journey into Linux Land. Home of the free (open source) operating system. It almost feels like the time I switched from blogger to Wordpress. Yet, here I find myself back on blogger, so perhaps that isn't the best example?

If you WANT to know, I'm now using a program called Ubuntu. It is essentially the equivalent of Windows, except for it uses the Linux platform instead of the Windows platform. Confused yet? Go to to check it out.

What this has meant to me is a complete altering of my formerly known Windows universe. Suck it, Microsoft. Except for, not really, because now I can't use my Zune MP3 player, nor can I use any number of Microsoft platform programs. Boo, hiss. Yes, I know, WINE. WINE is suppose to be the solution to all my problems, allowing me to run many Windows programs. But - what is the point in all that? I'm so excited to be free of the expensive Office, Adobe, etc., programs that seem to cause me all sorts of trouble all on their own.

So, yeah, anyway, I've been busy with all this Linux stuff. But, I wanted to keep this blog updated somewhat, so here is a progress report of my Goals for 2010:

1. Successfully following the Weight Watchers program
2. I've been exercising for a good week now
3. Purchased and USING all sorts of new beauty products
4. Dyed my hair. It was supposed to be brown, but it is so red. /sigh

My goal for this week is to stay within my daily points, track everyday, and increase my cardio at the gym to 30 minutes (in addition to the hour long walk I take on my lunch break at work).

My other ambitions for the week include getting all my pictures uploaded to Flikr and figuring out a good portable music solution that does not involve running a virtual instance of Windows in a separate partition on my HDD. Blargh.