Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leaving My Foolishness Behind...

Have you ever seen Clean House? Its been awhile since I've seen it, but the host of the show is forever discussing the subjects of that episodes "foolishness." Essentially, these men and women need to stop their utterly ridiculous behavior if they have any hope of ever having a clean house.

I want a clean house.

More than that, I want to leave ALL my foolishness behind. I promised myself that I WOULD leave it behind in Maricopa when we moved into our new home. Now, we are still amidst total chaos living halfway between two homes, but I could no longer continue on with the fast food and other ridiculous behavior. I know better, and I know that even after living in our old house for 3 years we still weren't unpacked and moved in. So - if I wait until we are actually moved in to our new home, I'll never turn over a new leaf. I'll never change. I'll never be better.

So, I just went ahead and decided to completely stop my foolishness this morning. This decision was made in part by the recent surgeries that two of my co-workers underwent in order to have their gallbladders removed after a life of eating fattening foods and living "typical" American lives. Yeah, I'm in my twenties, and they are in their forties, but I don't even want to get close to needing to have my gallbladder removed.

Perhaps you are wondering what exactly my crimes of foolishness are? No? Well, here they are anyway.

1) I don't clean... much. Occasionally I might vaccuum, but other than that, It takes weeks of pep talk and finally becoming disgusted with the filth to convince me to clean. Then, when the house is 1/2 clean, I get distracted and move on to other more exciting things, and leave the house be until it gets back to general dissaray.

2) I don't do chores... laundry, paperwork, walking the dogs, changing the litterbox, doing the dishes, paying the bills. Na, none of that. At least not regularly. I am totally the type of person to leave the dishes in the sink for several days, and the poor cats have gone as long as a week before without me changing out their box. Poor kitties.

3) I don't eat right. I don't exercise. I allow myself to put garbage in, and I don't counter balance it with hitting the treadmill. I'm on the fast track to becoming morbidly obese and obtaining a myriad of diseases.

4) I don't take care of my appearance. It is hard to get psyched about dressing up and makeup when nothing fits right and I don't feel good about myself. The end result is that I'm not the woman my husband married (appearance wise).

5) I don't do enough to cherish my family. Enough said.

So, there it is - my foolishness. I know I'm probably leaving things out, but these are the primary offenders. And since I had to start somewhere, I started at the grocery store this morning. I now have a drawer full of healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options to last the rest of the week at work. As soon as Josh and I nail down a budget, we can determine if we can afford to become members at the Gym I've been eyeballing. I've implemented a new method of "emptying my brain" on to paper so I can form a to-do list each day (I'll write more about that later). Lastly, I'm trying to clean a little bit each evening so I won't have quite as much to do this weekend, and I'm unpacking boxes all week (a bit each night) so, again, it won't be so overwhelming when we get the rest of our things this weekend. My goal is to be completely moved into the house, organized and clean by the time the in-laws arrive for Thanksgiving.