Saturday, October 10, 2009

So I go on stuck here in the backseat

I don't need to know where we're traveling
I don't need to know if we'll make it there
I just need to love you while I can.
-The Noises 10

Today felt like a brand new start to me. A day to start being a better mom, a better wife. A better everything, really.  I think these feelings are being inspired by the change in season here in AZ (finally!). I love the fall. It is the first relief we have from the waves of Arizona heat. Its mostly been in the 80's here... and I can't wait for it to drop into the 70's so I can finally pull out my sweaters!

To bring you up to date, J and I put a security deposit down on a rental home in Gilbert. We are so excited to get out of Maricopa, and back closer to civilization. The home has a nice sized kitchen w/ an island (hooray for counter space!). A few other things I'm excited about are the soaking tub in the master bathroom, the full length covered patio (with misters) in the backyard, and the enclosed garden in the backyard. Fortunately, the landlord is completely fine with animals - no pet deposit or pet rent required. Oh, and J? J is just happy to be back w/in the area that Cox Cable covers so he has reliable internet, lol. The house is in an awesome neighborhood, and there is a park 50 yards across the street. Awesome awesome awesome. Besides all that, there are a few more "conveniences" that this house offers that our current dwelling does not. First, you can walk into the kitchen from the garage (ie, you don't have to carry your groceries across the house) and there is an actual laundry ROOM! No more laundry closet for me, thank you very much.

One challenge - the house is completely stark white. Very neutral. White walls, gray carpet, light colored cabinetry. I'm sure the landlord would be fine with us painting a wall or two to liven the place up, but it might be a fun challenge to decorate the place without resorting to painting.

My plans for the rest of today are to finish devouring "Love Soup," and to cook up a pot of delicious soup for dinner this evening. I'll take pictures and report back on my success.

Happy weekend, everyone!