Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday, Mr. Right and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Although we have been married for 3 years, we have been together for much longer (it will actually be 8 years in October). I wasn't worried about it until this morning, but I am definitely feeling now that we (or at least I am) are becoming "lazy" about our relationship. Actually, I'm going to go ahead and say to a greater extent this is my problem. The husband makes sweet gestures quite often --- is always surprising me with energy drinks and my favorite candy, lol. I on the other hand am quick to put him second these days to the needs of our son or myself. Now - I know he would never complain in a billion years, especially if I'm tending to the baby, but I know that it is super important to make sure he feels loved and needed and included in our family. I need to work on this. Which brings me to the point of this post.


Where does it go? I am starting to resent my schedule quite a bit. Every morning I wake up at 5am and try to squeeze as much time as possible in with Mikey, all while getting ready for work. I have to run out the door by 6am to fight through traffic and get to the office by 7. Then it is work work work, work work, and running out the door at 3:30 to pick Mikey up from daycare. We typically get home shortly before 5pm.

After that, time really starts to fly. It seems like the evenings are the shortest part of the day, and I don't have time to get 1/10th of the things that need to be done accomplished. I suppose part of the problem is that I want to spend my whole evening playing with the baby, but there are other things that need to get done, like laundry, cleaning, dinner and of course it feels like having Mikey's diaper bag stocked takes a lot of time, too. To be perfectly honest, I get pissed about having to keep anything in that diaper bag. He has to leave the house way too often for my taste now. Everyday that I leave, so does he.

This doesn't even take into consideration any of our poor neglected animals. Poor puppies. Guinness is constantly dropping his most prized toy at our feet, begging us to play, and we rarely take the time to play with him.

I know there has got to be a better way to balance our days and nights, and make sure we are making enough time for all the important things in our life, but I'm definitely struggling to make that happen right now. Is this just a skill that is learned over time, or am I doomed to suffer a life full of half completed "to do" lists?

In the mean time, I'm going to try and start running errands on my lunch. Today I'm off to pick up enough dog food to last us until the weekend when we can stock up at Costco.

Anyone have any hot tips on getting your to do list (or at least the necessities) done everyday?