Sunday, January 25, 2009

With Purpose...

This is something I have been thinking about lately - specifically, blogging with purpose. Right now this blog is mostly my public diary - random thoughts spewed out and typically about what is on my brain at the moment. For example - one whole month of posts about a newborn... and before that, 9 months of posts about being pregnant. I've noticed some other bloggers use days of the weeks as themes for what they are going to write about. Each day of the week they blog about something specific, and they repeat this pattern week after week. It is pretty cool - I especially look forward to Friday's on a lot of the blogs I read.

I'm not so sure this format would work for me, though. If I decide I want to blog about music on Wednesdays, will I get bored of that? What if next Wednesday I just don't feel like talking about music? Hmm.

Perhaps I would be better off making an effort to blog about subjects I am interested in, rather than falling into the trap of making EVERY blog post about my child. After all, I am The Right WIFE, not the Right Mom.

So, in an attempt to talk about something other than my beloved baby, here is a general update on what I'm thinking about doing, actually am doing:

1) Going to visit Grandpa Gus tomorrow. My father is selling me a DSLR at a ridiculously low price because he would like to upgrade to a 64 bit ready DSLR. Already drooling over a Canon 1.8/50mm lens that I would love for the camera. Can't wait to start taking pictures with this camera!

2) Starting Weight Watchers "officially" tomorrow. Blagh. I hate diets, but in the spirit of sticking to my new years resolution of "Being a Good Role Model" to my children, it is probably important that I lose the rest of the baby weight + the post miscarriage weight I gained last January/February. The good news? I lost 34 pounds in the first two weeks after having the baby. The bad news? I still need to lose more weight, lol. Once the baby is on solids, it is my goal to no longer be "dieting" and just eating a healthy organic diet along with exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

3) I need recipes. I have plenty of cook books, but I want to know what YOU feed your family. What are your favorite recipes? I need simple, easy to fix, great tasting food that I can feed my family. I've got about 5 recipes that are in constant rotation at my house, and I'm getting BORED! There are only so many ways you can fix pasta, and the husband is BEGGING for some sauce that goes well with Panko Breaded Baked Chicken breasts. I am completely inept at sauce. Come on people - don't hold out on me! Recipes! Please!

4) Hooray for new furniture! Here is my lovely new kitchen table (The Pagoda series from Cost Plus World Market)

From New and Old Furniture

I <3 it!

Also, new Glider for the nursery, also from my wonderful Mother and Father In Law. This thing is so comfortable, and I'm looking forward to moving it to the nursery and getting Mike all set up in there:

From New and Old Furniture

5) Newest Blog Crush: The Meanest Mom. This chick is hilarious :)

6) CNN let "Real People" write letters to the President giving "advice" or expressing their concerns about the current economy/administration. Most people were falling over themselves to talk about how amazing Obama is. One guy actually had something worthwhile to say. Check out his letter here.

7) The 3rd week of life was exciting, but we are looking forward to being a month old tomorrow :)

From Week 3

Alright - that is enough for today. Don't forget - recipes people! Oh, and I don't like seafood, so none of THOSE types of recipes, please :)