Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dawn is a feeling...

Day 2 alone. Still surviving. Quickly realizing that my ambitions for maternity leave might have been a little too high while also trying to entertain a newborn.

Little Dude turned 2 weeks old yesterday! How fast the time is going already! So far MPG:

-Hates diaper changes
-Hates being wet
-Loves eating (can down 3oz from a bottle in under 5 minutes!)
-Loves swinging
-Is soothed by music (so far we've established that he enjoys Muse, The Moody Blues, Gustav Holst and Lil' Wayne)
-Loves pacifier, but also loves to rip paci out of his mouth with his hands... this creates a lot of work for mom

All in all, I continue to amazed and in awe of this little person!

From 2 Weeks Old